Oureshi Halal Meat Shop is an enterprising outfit that is highly dedicated towards offering you one of the best meats which is incubated in Chandigarh. We are always strives to provide top-most quality of meat product to our each and every customer. In our meat shop in Chandigarh you will get all various kinds of meats products like mutton, chicken and so on. As we all know the today's generation youngster are fully focused on their body as well as fitness and for fulfilling all the demands of their fit body meat is the best option for them. Whether the meat is of chicken or whether it of goat it provides various beneficial nutrients and proteins that'll help in providing proper strength to your body and make strong. That's the reason why meat gets more importance than any other dietary supplement which increases the demands of meat so to make all the youngster demand fulfil we are available here for you. With our fresh meat of chicken and goat you'll nourish your body in a proper as well as in a healthy way too.

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