There are lots of egg shops in Chandigarh but we are the registered and most trusted shop among them. In today's time eggs is something that every person wants for improving their health because egg consists lots of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrate, calcium and lot more which is very helpful for every fitness freak men's as well as women's who want to enhance their muscles and strength. If you are in a search of best desi egg in Mohali that I'll grant you that you'll are at right place here you'll get top-notch desi egg that will gives you all the best kind of eggs. We are not always wanted to make our customer only happy but also satisfied. So that they always admire our service and come back again to purchase our eggs. It gives more values to our service that make more trust for us in all the hearts of our customer. You can see the satisfaction of our customer with our best quality of egg in their happy face.

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Price per egg is Rs 10

Free delivery on more than order of 2 dozens. Rs 5 per kilo meter wiil be charged if your order is less than 3 dozens.